Final Auction Lots 2017

Blossoming ladies

12 Award Winning Bottles of wine

2011  Quinta de Lemos, S.A, Alfrocheiro

2012 Herdade dos Coelheiros LDA, Tapada de CoelHeiros

2012 Mundus, Red Wine Regional Mundus Escolha

2012 Bodegas Lerma Gran Lerma Vino de Autor

2012 Bodegas Principe de Viana, Pleno Vina Vega Crianza

2013 Marrenon, Sepia

2014 DFJ Vinhos SA, Alfrocheiro

2014 Cellers Augustus Forum, Merlot – Syrah

2014 Bodegas Y Vinedos tres Parmentier, Tres Palacios Reserva Carmenere

2014 Pomar Junction Vineyard and Winery, Brooster Fighting Red

2015 Les domaines Auriol, Saint auriol Châtelaine Rouge

2015 Cuvee Madame Claude Parmentier, Corbieres

They say a woman’s work is never done. It would appear that the wine world is no exception. Not content with breaking through barriers of tradition, the Women’s Sommelier Association of Japan now slaves away each year to taste through numerous wines in order to select and present its own Sakura Award to the few which which strike them as outstanding. It seems that many people agree with their tastes, as the chosen wines get snapped up in a flash. Time to snap these up: it may be your only chance.

Kindly donated by Sakura Women’s Wine Awards



All bases covered

2008 & 2009 Spring Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Set, 2 bottles

6 Riedel “O” CABERNET SAUVIGNON glasses

The biggest challenge facing winemakers is the innumerable variables they face. There’s the unpredictability of weather, even within a fairly stable climate. This, in turn, affects different plots of vines differently. So much is out of the winemaker’s control that it’s enough to drive anyone to drink! The clever people at the Spring Mountain Estate have built up a selection of vineyards that extend from 400 feet above sea level to about 1450 feet at the top of the property. There are about 135 different vineyard blocks, each with a different elevation, soil, and exposure to the elements. That way, whatever variables nature throws at them, they still have enough perfect grapes to make great wine, year-in year-out.

Kindly donated by Iconic Wine and Riedel



Get outside!

  • Surf lesson for two people
  • Hydro-speed half day tour
  • Half day canyoning OR half day whitewater rafting
  • ¥20,000 ski trip voucher
  • Adidas backpack, beanie, Clima-heat jacket
  • 1 Hour personal training session

Put away that smartphone! Save the email ’til Monday! Get outside! With this outdoor package, you can enjoy canyoning or whitewater rafting in Minakami, bodyboarding (including a 20m waterfall) on the Tone River, a 2-hour surf lesson at Onjuku Beach, Chiba, and skiing or snowboarding with Tokyo Snow Club. Also included is a bit of warm gear from Adidas. The fine print: Surf lessons are valid May 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018. Tokyo Snow Club voucher valid from December 1, 2017 – April 1, 2018. Book normally online, mention voucher at checkout. Bodyboarding: for fit man/woman, junior high school or above (has height/weight limit). Kappa’s voucher for hydro speed is valid for the 2018 season starting in April. Canyons voucher is is valid till October 31st 2018

Kindly donated by Flying Sumo Surf Co., Adidas, Club 360, Kappa Club, Canyons, Tokyo Snow Club



Something old, Something new

2011 Puligny Montrachet Benjamin Leroux

2011 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Bachelet – Monnot

1990 Chateau Trotanoy, Pomerol

In wine, as in life in general, the key to fulfillment is the wisdom of knowing both that, a) the future lies in the hands of those who want to take things forward, but that b) the classics are still around for a reason.

It’s rare to find producers in Burgundy who are up-and-coming. This is because it’s next to impossible to get anyone who has one of the best vineyards to sell or allow some youngster to make wine from it. So, when you see two young producers making wines from premier crus of particular renown, you know that they’ve managed to prove themselves to some very picky people. In Bordeaux, it’s even rarer to find a new chateau that can compete. Don’t try looking for one, just shell out for the classics. Or bid on this lot and get the best of young Burgundy and classic Bordeaux.

Kindly donated by Doug & Naomi Smith



A Day in the Bay

Enjoy a day out on Sagami Bay with a 6-8 hour cruise on the Hanse 455 “dede5”. There is plenty of space for up to 4 passengers, snacks and beverages are included in your cruise.
dede5’s home port is Velasis Marina near Kurihama. All passengers must be able to swim!

Kindly donated by Julia Selig-Sonderhoff



Your mission (should you choose to accept it…)

1966 La Mission Haut Brion La Mission Haut Brion Graves
1976 La Mission Haut Brion La Mission Haut Brion Graves

Which is the best chateau in Bordeaux? With so many of them, and the general quality level being so high, it sounds like an impossible question to answer. However, if you listen enough to those in the know, you will find that one name keeps cropping up in everyone’s list: Chateau La Mission Haut Brion. In the great vintages, this chateau has made as many legendary wines as even the most famous and prestigious First Growth. Additionally, in the lesser years it still somehow manages to make stuff that’s hardly inferior. It also ages magnificently, whatever the vintage. Being so well thought of by the experts, you’ll have difficulty getting your hands on any mature vintages. Unless, of course, you raise your paddle tonight…


Kindly donated by Anne Bille & Per Knudsen



Fame isn’t everything

2014 Marival Jolie-Pitt Rose, magnum, 2 bottles

2 Riedel SOMMELIERS Aperitif glasses

Wine has become so popular that it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Celebrities are no different, and it seems that every month we have another movie or pop star buying their own set of vines. The market for quality wines is very fickle, however, and star status won’t get you very far if the product underneath isn’t up to par. Power-couple Brangelina managed to make a very commercially successful wine project, which is no flash-in-the-pan and deserves to be taken seriously. They were smart enough to go with wines which suited the grapes grown in the area they chose for their project, and to make a rose wine that goes beautifully with many kinds of food. Behind all the glamor, there’s a seriously run estate here, one that is going to be around for the long term. I notice that Brad and Angie seem to be holding off signing those divorce papers just yet. I bet not wanting to give up half this estate has something to do with it….

Kindly donated by Jeroboam Wine Club and Riedel



Hawaii Penthouse stay

An invitation to STAY for eight days, seven nights in a two-bedroom/two bath Condominium Villa Penthouse at the private and gated community at Waikoloa Beach Villas (Right across the street from the Queen Shops and the King Shops and the Hilton Waikoloa). The Penthouse Lanai overlooks the third green of the Waikoloa Beach Golf Course. Sleeps four people comfortably. Good anytime until October 31, 2018. Flights not included.

Kindly donated by WAIKOLOA BEACH RENTALS of Hawaii



California Dreamin’

1996 Lewis Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
1996 Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
1999 Atalon Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1999 Del Dotto Del Dotto Cabernet Sauvignon

Riedel Cornetto Decanter Single Black

You could say that in 1973, at the famous Judgment of Paris, California wines came of age. In those days however, California wine-making was mostly very young and so, of course, were many of those wines that famously trounced their Bordeaux rivals. The ability to age well for a long time is, for better or worse, one of the qualities of the world’s best wines. Now that California wines have been around long enough to reveal their ability to age, how do they fair against their French brethren? Most people will never find out, as properly aged Cali wines of great renown are simply not available to those who didn’t have the good timing and foresight to lay them down. What to do? (Hint: start by raising your paddle…)


Kindly donated by Ernie & Gayle Olsen, and Riedel



Always go back to the classics

2014 Antonio Antinori Chianti Classico DOCG, magnum

Riedel Cornetto Decanter Magnum Black

The wine world has seen revolution after revolution in the past few decades as the younger generations take over with a passion that is at least equal to that of their ancestors. At the same time wine has gone from being not far removed from subsistence agriculture to being much more along the lines of making a luxury product. This also means that modern winemakers often have enough financial stability to do a bit of experimenting with the grapes they grow and where they grow them. This is all good, of course. It’s always good to challenge traditions with a bit of innovation, if only to confirm that those traditions have been around for so long for very good reasons. Sangiovese stills sits on the throne as the most suitable grape variety for the Chianti region of Tuscany, despite many attempts to usurp its crown. The historic firm of Antinori remains among the very best producers. And that’s a fact.

Kindly donated by Terry White, and Riedel Japan




Pamper yourself

  • ¥10,000 Babysitting or Housekeeping Coupons
  • One Hour Cranio Sacral Therapy Session
  • Santa Maria Novella His & Hers Spa Gift Box
  • Teeth Whitening session
  • Customised Indian Facial plus body treatment
  • Bach Chor concert tickets
  • Energy therapy and collagen capsule treatment
  • Human stem cell culture facial and collagen capsule treatment
  • ¥20,000 Yonamine Pearls voucher
  • Four yoga class tickets
  • Conditioning facial and 60 minute oil massage
  • 3 Pairs Tokyo Sinfonia concert tickets
  • AESOP Intent Observer Kit
  • AESOP Persistent Collector Kit

This pampering package has you covered from head to toe, plus a photo portrait session for your baby or children, concert tickets, and a ¥20,000 voucher at Yonamine Pearls.

The fine print: Facial at Elana Jade expires February 11, 2017; Tokyo Bebe photo session expires October 31, 2017 (book by June 30, 2017); Chez Vous babysitting voucher expires January 31st 2018. Cranio Sacral therapy voucher expires May 31st 2018. Teeth whitening voucher expires May 31st 2018. Indian facial voucher expires March 31st 2018. Yoga vouchers expire November 17th 2018. Conditioning facial voucher expires May 31st 2018.

Kindly donated by Chez Vous, Shelley Kunin, Hitomi Dental Clinic, AESOP, Joli Nails, Elana Jade, Yonamie Pearls, Dr Spa Eclat, Furla Yoga, Tokyo Bebe, Bach Chor, Tokyo Sinfonia, and Yamano Associates



The state of Pinot Noir

2006 Challenger Ridge Pinot Noir Reserve, 6 bottles

Whilst California is by far the most well-known state when it comes to wine, its reputation for reds is built largely on the strength of its Cabernet Sauvignon wines. These powerful reds have long been offering stiff competition to its rival, Bordeaux. Challenging the famous Pinot Noirs of Burgundy however has proven beyond the capabilities of all but a very few Californian Pinot growers. When it comes to finesse over power, a different strategy was needed. Or rather, a different location. The extremely fickle Pinot Noir grape has proven much more at home in Washington and Oregon. As you might imagine, friendly rivalry among the growers to be the best is intense. Even with such competition Challenger Ridge is an award-winning winery that produces a very impressive American Pinot. It isn’t easy to come by, so don’t miss this chance.

Kindly donated by The Foz Group



The more things change…

2014 Kuents-Bas Riesling Grand Cru Pfersigberg Trois Chateaux, 6 bottles

Some things in wine never seems to change. One is that there is nowhere else in the world that can make wines from the Riesling grape like Alsace in France or certain parts of Germany. Second is the fact that these wines remain comparatively under-appreciated by casual wine drinkers around the world. Perhaps the major problem is that the labeling such wines can be difficult to decipher. Is is dry or sweet? How dry is it? How good is this vineyard supposed to be? Let us make it simple for you: dry white, an estate with more than 200 years of history, biodynamic viticulture, a selection of the finest vineyards, brought into the U.S. by its most quality-conscious and highly respected producer. In other words, it’s very good indeed. Feel free to try it.

Kindly donated by Wine Prosperite k.k



Explore Japan!

  • 3 Night stay for 4 people in a Japanese Room at the ski in, ski out Schneider Hotel, Nozawa Onsen & welcome drink at The Craft Room (friends who book a second room get a 10% discount)
  • 1 Night stay for 2 people in a Superior Double / Twin Room at Hotel Granvia Kyoto
  • 1 Night stay for 2 people in a Premier Room including breakfast at Oakwood Premier Tokyo

Take advantage of this great package to explore some of Japan’s most beautiful and iconic locations, and stay in great accommodation. Wander through Kyoto’s Gion District in Spring to witness the spectacular sakura, hit some of Japan’s best ski slopes in Nagano in Winter, and enjoy a stay in a luxury apartment in Tokyo. Perfect for long term residents who want to discover a new side to their adopted home. Even better as a gift for visiting friends who need somewhere to stay?

The fine print: Sneider Hotel is valid from December 20th 2017 to March 2018.  The Hotel Granvia voucher expires (except: Saturdays, days before public holidays, Dec 30-31, 2017, Jan 1-3, Mar 16-Apr 13, Apr 27-May 5, July 13-16, Aug 10-16, 2018). Oakwood voucher is valid until June 16th 2018.

Kindly donated by Hotel Granvia Kyoto, Oakwood Premier, The Schneider Hotel



Flat out fantastic

1996 Beaucaillou

1996 Lafitte

1996 Leglise-Clinet

Sometimes words can get in the way, so let’s keep this one short. Three of the most highly regarded Bordeaux chateau (including the world’s most prestigious). Outstanding vintage.
20+ years of age in the cellar of a very passionate and serious collector. Need I say more?

Kindly donated by Dan & Junko Shireman



Secret Getaways

2013 Dr. Konstantin Frank Salmon Run Meritage

2015 Dr. Konstantin Frank Salmon Run Reisling

2014 Palmer Vineyard Merlot

2016 Palmer Vineyard Chardonnay

It seems there are some pieces of land that are just destined to make great wine. The Europeans have spent over a millennium (kudos to many monks) mapping out theirs, so there are no secrets remaining. Winemaking in the U.S., particularly outside of California, has a much shorter history, not to mention the fact that the country is so vast. So it’s not surprising that from time to time devoted people discover some previously unknown ideal spots for the grape. Among those in- the-know two of the currently most exciting are parts of Long Island and the Finger Lakes. However, those who are already aware of how good these wines can be don’t seem to be investing much energy in spreading the good news. I wonder why they want to keep them secret…

Kindly donated by Go-To Wine



A perfect storm

2010 Napa Valley Reserve, 6 bottles

The reason that wine nerds are SO nerdish is not difficult to understand. So many variables can affect the quality of the final product that understanding them all requires a level of interest that only obsession can generate. One rule of thumb for those unwilling to devote that much mental energy is, “producer before vintage.” This means that, whilst vintage conditions can have a significant impact on wine quality, the commitment of the producer to making quality wine can compensate quite a bit for mediocre conditions. On the flip side, even the best weather won’t do much to improve the product made by someone not committed to quality.
This raises the intriguing question: what happens when the very best wine makers meet the very best conditions? It’s rare. But California in 2010 it happened.

Kindly donated by Steve Lin



Five days Wine Country getaway in The Napa Valley for two people

An invitation to sip, spa, swing and stay in a one bedroom condominium located in the premises of the silverado resort & spa, the new venue of the PGA Tour’s Safeway Open for five days, four  nights (available Sunday through Thursday), including a complimentary round of 18 holes of golf at the world famous Silverado golf course, OR, a complimentary day at the Silverado Spa for your complete relaxation and rejuvenation.


As if this luxurious getaway is not enough, you and your significant other will also be treated to a complimentary guided tour & premium wine tasting at the Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga. Enjoy a guided tour through the “Castle in the Sky”, followed by a tasting of five of their Premium Wines in one of their private tasting bars. All tours feature a barrel tasting and include a complimentary tasting of their current releases of handcrafted Italian-style wines.

Not only this, but The 90 Plus Wine Club will also donate a 3 boutique winery tasting tour with limousine service!

Good anytime until October 31, 2018

Kindly donated by Silverado Rentals of Napa Valley



Fine dining in Tokyo

  • Di Giorgio ¥20,000 dinner voucher
  • Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, ¥30,000 voucher
  • Aquavit, Chef’s Tasting Course for Two Guests
  • Hilton Tokyo, Metropolitan Grill, Chef’s Set Dinner for two guests
  • Chez Vous ¥10,000 Babysitting or Housekeeping voucher

We all need that push once in a while to get out and try something new. Why not use an exceptional combination of palate pleasers to accomplish that goal? From the casual to the fancy the list above is sure to entice your culinary senses, and best of all it comes with a ¥10,000 voucher from Chez Vous to either have your chores done for you, or have someone stay with the kids while you enjoy a fine meal out of the house.
Fine print: Wolfgang and Aquavit vouchers expire May 31st 2018. Chez Vous voucher expires January 31st 2018. Hilton voucher can be used between December 1st 2017 and February 28th 2018.

Kindly donated by DiGiorgio,WDI Japan Inc., Hilton Tokyo, Chez Vous



The conundrum

2001 Magnien Gevery Pinot Noir
2003 Girardin Gevrey Chambertin Pinot Noir
2004 Brophy Clark Ashley’s Vineyard Pinot Noir
2005  LeClerc Gevrey-Chambertin Combes aux Moines Pinot Noir
2006 Melville Santa Rita Pinot Noir

Mother nature is a generous but fickle master (mistress?) It would be nice if the grapes that are easiest to grow made the best wines but no, things are never going to be THAT easy, right? There seems to be somewhat of a connection between how fussy a grape is as to site, soil, and climate, and the quality of the resulting wine. No grape variety illustrates this better than Pinot Noir. For many centuries it has only managed to make highly regarded wines in a small part of France. As wine making has spread to all corners of the globe, it has mostly been failure after failure trying to get it to make great wine elsewhere. There have been two notable exceptions though: a few parts of the U.S. and New Zealand. How do these wines measure up against the reigning French champion? Find out for yourself with this set of very carefully selected and lovingly nurtured set of Pinots from around the world.

Kindly donated by Ernie & Gayle Olsen



Any storming Port?

2 bottles 1940’s Para Port

2 SOMMELIERS Tawny Port glasses from Riedel

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. In the wine world this has led to some very great inventions indeed. When wine makers in champagne couldn’t get the bubbles out of their wine, they simply decided to make the world’s best sparkling wines. Similarly, when British merchants in Portugal needed to ship their red wines in barrel all the way to England (they only had sailing ships in those days) they realized that the wines wouldn’t arrive in drinkable condition unless they were ‘fortified.’ They decided to give them a little more stamina by adding Brandy and fortunately ended up with something so able to resist air and gain complexity as it aged, that it became the world’s best after-dinner tipple. Fortune favors the brave, eh.

Kindly donated by The Estate of Marcus Yip and Riedel Japan



Sushi Dinner

Chef Mamoru Shirasaki will bring an exclusive sushi dining experience to your home.

Mamoru Shirasaki is a personal sushi chef in Tokyo. He brings all the ingredients with him to your home for private dining, and sets up a small sushi counter so you can order what you like. While you are enjoying conversation with your friends and family, he will prepare your meal in front of you and answer your questions about this Japanese cuisine.

Mamoru, who is fluent in Japanese and English, completed the sushi chef course at a Tokyo sushi academy and founded his catering business in 2012. Mamoru worked and attended university in San Francisco from 2002 to 2005.

Whether you are new to sushi or have high expectations, Chef Mamoru will delight your senses. The fine print: expires July 1, 2018.

Kindly donated by William Swinton



A life of luxury

Duval Leroy Brut 3000ml

Riedel Champagne Cooler Black Tie

As befits such a major event in the Tokyo social calendar, we have a great selection of large bottles tonight, particularly of champagne. No drink befits a life a luxury more than the most famous fizz in the world. The only thing you need worry about is keeping it at the perfect temperature as you and a lucky chosen view savor it. Actually, you need not worry about that, as this lot contains not only a perfect double magnum of excellent champagne, but also a luxurious cooler to lay it in. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it….


Kindly donated by Village Cellars and Riedel Japan



The ABC of wine

2009 Flowers Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, 2 bottles
2009 Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay, 2 bottles

Some very jaded wine drinkers would have you believe that the ‘ABC’ of white wine is ‘Anything But Chardonnay.’ They are entitled to their opinion of course, but let’s think that through. A white wine world with no steely minerally Chablis? No complex and superbly balanced Premier and Grand Cru Burgundies? No buttery and flashy Australian Chards? And, perhaps worst of all, no golden Chardonnays of all the above styles from the Golden State? Not the kind of world anyone into pleasure would want to line in, methinks. Bidding on this lot is the most pleasurable way we can think of to thumb your nose at snobbishness.


Kindly donated by Ernie & Gayle Olsen and David & Kazue Larson



Your Story – A Musical Premier, an improvised musical all about you

According to Andy Warhol “everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes!” Now you have the chance to be! Professional Tokyo Comedy Store improvisers will perform, in your workplace or at a party in your home, a world premiere improvised musical – all about you! Performed by a professional pianist and 3 actors, the 15 – 30 minute performance (depending on how much information you share) will reenact your life, or the life of someone special to you, as a musical.  Their brief question and answer session will give them enough material to create a performance of a lifetime that’s sure to delight and amuse your co-workers or friends and family. A wonderful way to surprise and celebrate on a special occasion. Valid through November 10, 2018. Minimum 30 days advance notice and scheduling subject to performer availability.

Kindly donated by Tokyo Comedy Store



The choice of experts

2001 Plan Pegau Selectionne Laurence Feraud Chateauneuf-du-Pape
2001 Vieux Telegraph Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2001
2003 Boisrenard Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2003
2003 Chave Saint Joseph Offerus Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Legendary wine critic Robert Parker has been so successful and is so highly respected by most wine makers around the world that he can drink what he likes, whenever he likes. So, when out of the spotlight and relaxing at home with those most important to him, what does he choose to drink? The famous estates of Bordeaux? The Grand Crus of Burgundy? Mais non. Time after time he opts to drink the wines of the Rhone Valley, Chateauneuf du Pape in particular. Indeed, he has championed them for so long and with such passion that the region has granted him its highest honor. Find out what the attraction of these wines is with a carefully chosen selection.

Kindly donated by Ernie & Gayle Olsen



The power of tradition

Solstice d’Estandon Rose, 6 bottles

Lumière de Provence Rose, 12 bottles

We talked above about how some grape varieties and styles of wine just seem to be best suited to certain areas. Provence in France, in addition to being a stunning place to vacation, has long been renowned for the quality of its rose wines. Although the reputation of rose was somewhat hindered by those sweet Californian wine coolers that were all the rage for a few years in the eighties, the truth remains that dry rose wines are very enjoyable and are very flexible with many kinds of food. They can be quite serious too. This boutique operation is devoted solely to rose wines (bravo!) and has been around since 1977, proving that when you are committed to quality products, no niche is too small to stop you becoming a big success. These folks really do know what they are doing, so put yourself in their capable hands and pick up this batch of their selected rose.

Kindly donated by Roselegance



“Esprit” by David Stanley Hewett

David Stanley Hewett is one of the most well known foreign artists in Japan. His works can be seen in the permanent collections of the Imperial Hotel, The Okura Hotel, The Peninsula Hotel, Mitsui Trading and numerous other public and private collections around the world. Hewett first set foot in Japan in 1988. His love for Japanese arts and culture motivated him to study Japanese ceramics, Japanese traditional painting, Obi design and most notably: the technique for making traditional Japanese folding screens. This art is rarely practiced anymore as most screens are now made with modern tools and materials. This work, titled “Esprit”, measures 100cm x 100cm and is made of Kanazawa gold leaf & acrylic on canvas.

Kindly donated by Osborne Inc.



The man who has everything

2005 Rubicon, magnum

8 Riedel VINUM Bordeaux glasses

Not content with making some of the most highly regarded works in cinematic history, Francis Ford Coppola has since 1975 owned this outstanding Inglenook winery. He knew what he was doing. This is an exceptionally historic estate with some vineyards going back to the 19th century. Determined to restore its historic reputation for making exceptional wines, he has converted the entire estate to organic viticulture. In 1978 he created Rubicon, the winery’s premier bottling, which has become one of the most highly regarded Cabernets in the U.S. Is there anything this man cannot do?

Kindly donated by Tom Pedersen and Riedel Japan



California Royalty

2013 COHO, Stanley Ranch Pinot Noir, 2 bottles

2011 Shypoke, Petit Sirah, 2 bottles
2013 Kale, Home Run Cuvee, 2 bottles
2012 White Rock Vineyards, Claret, 2 bottles
2012 Canard Vineyards, Vintner’s Blend, 2 bottles
2011 VinRoc Wine Caves, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 bottles

Undoubtedly the biggest change in wine in the 20th century was the transformation of the U.S. from total obscurity to one of the major players at all levels, including the most prestigious. Within the U.S. no other state is even close second to California in the part it has played in this rise. And within California nowhere else has quite the cache as Napa Valley. You get the picture, right?
Now, raise that paddle and get the wines, a carefully chosen selection case of 12 of the very finest. Case closed.

Kindly donated by The 90 Plus Wine Club



Kimono Dress

Imagine yourself in a luxurious dress made from exquisite kimono fabric, especially created for you by designer Nishiyama Yukari. Taki Planning. While usually customers are required to bring their own kimono fabric, this lot includes not only the dress design and custom tailoring, but for the lucky winner of this lot, Taki Planning will also provide the fabric as well. As every dress is made from a different kimono, this is your opportunity to own a one of a kind, custom-made dress prepared by skilled textile craftsmen, sewn with the utmost detail and care. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a piece of art.

Kindly donated by Taki Planning



The best of the best

1984 Petrus

Chateau Petrus is VERY expensive. Considered by many to be the greatest Merlot in the world (by a long margin) it commands prices that are, quite honestly, ridiculous. Of course status signaling is part of it, but you don’t get to sell wine at those kinds of prices unless it really is that good. Being that good means not just making great wines in great vintages, but also being able to make very impressive juice in the off-years. Finally, you’d best be able to age gracefully for a long time whatever the vintage. 1984 is not among the greatest Bordeaux vintages but given Petrus’ track record and given the fact that this bottle will likely be the only bottle Petrus you will see at an affordable price, this is a rare chance to try the product of this legendary vineyard.

Kindly donated by J-P & Stephanie Toppino



Tribal land

2005 Mount Mary Vineyard Yarra Valley Quintet

2005  KiliKanoon Clare Valley Covenant Shiraz

2005 Kilikanoon Barossa Valley R Shiraz

4 Riedel VINUM XL SYRAH glasses

The Yarra Valley is known as the ‘food bowl’ of Victoria State in Australia. This is no new development however. The Wurundjeri people have occupied the lands around the Yarra Valley for at least 30,000 years and the Yarra River has been their life-source. Vines were first planted in 1838 and within 30 years the early settlers were exporting local wines to the British and European markets, winning awards around the world along the way. Today Yarra is one of the world’s leading cold climate wine growing regions, with internationally known names. None is better known than Kilikanoon. No grape is more suited to Australian soil than Shiraz. And no glasses bring out the best in Shiraz than Riedel Vinum XL Shiraz.

Kindly donated by Erik Hamilton and Riedel



Culture Pack

  • Tokyo Comedy Store, 11 shows, season ticket for 2 people
  • Tokyo Sinfonia, 3 Champagne Concerts, 3 pairs of tickets
  • Bach Chor, 2 pairs tickets to Christmas Concert
  • 4 Kyogen tickets (date tbc)

Take advantage of this package to discover the amazing theater that Tokyo has to offer. From comedy to classical music, and even traditional Japanese theater, this lot is a must for culture vultures who want to explore our adopted city’s art scene.

Kindly donated by Tokyo Comedy Store, Tokyo Sinfonia, Bach Chor, Head Family of Izumi School of Kyogen



Size is everything

2007 Valpolicella Superiore DOC, Magnum
2007 Barbera D’Asti DOC, Costa Olmo, Magnum
2013 Riesling Gaisberg, Magnum
2 Zalto Crystal stems

Wine nerds love to disagree, but there’s one topic about which you will never hear a single dissenting voice: wine tastes better from bigger bottles. This has practical implications. Fr many of the best wines a magnum will cost you more than two regular bottles, and the bigger formats, being so highly sought after, are quite difficult to get your hands on. As always TELL is here to lend you a helping hand so you don’t have to run with mob. Indeed, not only have we secured a fine selection of big rare bottles, we’ve even thrown in some glasses! All you need do is raise your paddle.

Kindly donated by Estate Wines



Wow, just wow.

1982 Chateau Lynch Bages Pauillac
1982 Mouton Rothschild Pauillac

There are some truly impressive lots here tonight, but this is a true standout. Perhaps what is Bordeaux’s most prestigious chateau along with what is surely it’s most popular, with both bottles from the most renown vintage of the last 50 years. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Bidding is going to be fierce on this one, but the winner will be going home with something very special indeed. Get your paddle ready!

Kindly donated by Anne Bille & Per Knudsen



Be a Supercar Superstar

Live like a rockstar for the day. Get behind the wheel of 2 world class supercars for an adrenaline filled drive across Rainbow Bridge to the futuristic city of Odaiba. View the Tokyo city lights with the roof down and experience the drive of a lifetime. Make the ultimate first impression on a date, or bring a family member or friend at no extra cost.

Please choose 2 Supercars of your choice from the lineup below:
– Lamborghini Huracan Avio
– Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
– Ferrari 458 Spider
– Mclaren MP4-12
– Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
– Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Volante

After cruising around Tokyo, retire in rockstar-style to your 5-Star hotel for a luxury night’s stay in the exclusive Shangri La Tokyo. Experience Tokyo like never before!

Kindly donated by Shangri-la Tokyo, Tokyo Supercars



Que Syrah Shiraz.

2001 Brokenwood Wade Vineyard Shiraz
2001 Brokenwood Rayner Vineyard Shiraz
2003 Kaesler Stonehorse Shiraz
2004 Penfolds Bin 28 Shiraz

Quiz time: when is Syrah not Syrah? Answer: when it’s Shiraz. And it’s only Shiraz when it’s grown in Australia. Despite the appeal of trying to grow the world’s most famous red wine grape, Cabernet Sauvignon, and show the world just how well it can compete, instead, when it became obvious that Shiraz was perfectly suited to the Australian climate and soil, those sensible Aussies decided to acknowledge reality and make something that nowhere else in the world could do. Smart move.

Kindly donated by Ernie & Gayle Olsen



Hawaiian Holiday on Waikiki Beach

A world-wide romance with Waikiki began in the late 1920s, as vacationers crossed the Pacific to experience what many of the rich and famous had quietly been enjoying for years. Stretches of white sand beaches, awsome waves, clean air and pure drinking water, island-style entertainment, gorgeous weather, and a truly luxurious lifestyle. Today, that spirit continues and Trump International Hotel & Tower Waikiki Beach Walk leads the way. Bid on this lot and discover the only Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Hotel on the island of Oahu. The Trump Tower luxury Honolulu hotel is just steps away from Waikiki’s famous white sand beaches and the heart of Waikiki’s world class shopping and dining district, making it the perfect respite for your next Hawaiian getaway. Relax for 3 nights in a Premium 2 Bedroom + Den Ocean Suite. Each suite features a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen with premium appliances, Italian marble bathrooms, floor to ceiling windows and a wine cellar cabinet.
Transportation not included. Expires November 17 2018

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An exceptional case

Duval Leroy Brut Salmanazar

We have some big bottles tonight, but this one takes the crown. Twelves bottles – an entire case – under one cork! The lucky winning bidder will face the difficult decision of choosing people who deserve to be invited to partake of this very special bottle. Though, with one this size, you can likely invite everyone except your very worst enemies…..

Kindly donated by Tsuyoshi Akiyama